Welcome to the planet's first mentalising website. Cool!
Mentalising sounds a bit niche and maybe even a touch pretentious. But it's as everyday as poached egg on toast, and handier when it comes to wanting to understand how you tick and what's going on ticking-wise with another human being. Or animal. Anyone with a brain and the ability to communicate, so my dog Buddy is in but my goldfish are out.

Mentalising is simply being aware of what’s going on in our own heads and in others’ minds. Thoughts and feelings. Thoughts about feelings. Feelings about thoughts. A fractionally less awkward way of describing this process is ‘mind-awareness’. But let’s not get bogged down when there’s so much fun to be had rummaging around in the head department.

Please step this way and  discover just as there are perfectly runny organic poached eggs on crisp granary toast, so – um, well, we can all brush up how effectively tuned-in we are to what’s going on up top. Especially those of us with the weird and annoying borderline personality disorder.

If you only look at one thing on this website, this should be the one. Anthony Bateman demonstrating mentalisation based therapy at a conference. The full set of videos are here.